The Audacious Good

Still working on the love study. Pulled up Romans 8:28 today.  When you have heard a verse for what feels like every day of your life, sometimes it’s hard to see it with fresh eyes.  Today, the Lord brought to mind the idea of how big this promise is.


Can you imagine promising someone that if they loved Lebron James enough, everything in their life would work out for good?  No! We love so much, video games, athletes, music, movies, art, preachers, etc.  Only love for one person can alter the paths of our life so much that every little trial (and the big ones) is guaranteed to work out for good.


Also, think about this in a larger scale.  Is it common to see this?  Do we look at the world in general and think, wow everyone’s life is going so well! No, we see starvation, we see corruption, we see apathy, we see persecution. Our lives on average are full of toil and trouble (Ecclesiates 1).


What else defines these people who love God?  Their calling.  They are distinct by having a purpose defined by heavenly perspective.  To those who are not following the same purpose, they look weird.


To recap:

The focus of our loves defines the good that will come from our life. Don’t get distracted from the purpose God is calling you to.

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