Accepted in Christ

The section on acceptance in Christ has been completed on Who You Are in Christ

It’s really easy in day-to-day life to fall back into thinking that I’m responsible for my position in Christ.  You feel guilty when you mess up or even just when you think you could do more. But what is my duty supposed to consist of? Watching and praying. I am already Christ’s friend and his brother. He has already opened the door to his home, and invited me in.  He has already washed my filthy garments and presented me clean to the Father.


For me, thinking about who I am in Christ, is like going back to the bedrock of my faith.  Life happens. People hurt. Some days it feels like the pain doesn’t end.  But cutting through all the pain and emptiness is Christ’s work shouting at you and me that we matter to him.  Even though this life feels empty, He promises that He can fill it.  He has a purpose for it. He knows what good the pain can work.  We don’t see it now, and may be won’t during our lives.  But He treasures the tears of His saints. Our pain is not lost on Him.


So, with all the hurt, anger, brokenness, you and I can kneel before Him. He can take it.  He knows how it hurts. He feels the hurt.  He accepts our pain. He accepts our bewilderment. He agrees that the world wasn’t meant to be like this.  We were never meant to say goodbye to people.  But we have been accepted into His home. We will see our people again. Jesus will wipe away our tears. Lots of random thoughts tonight…

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